November 11, 2017

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Dear Shoppers,

It seems like the cold weather has finally descended and with it a plethora of hardy greens and veggies like cabbage, brussel sprouts, kale carrots, and much more.

Did the sight the word "cabbage" make you grimace? If you think that cabbage is boring and bland or that you've never developed a taste for it, you just haven't had it cooked properly. Browse this cabbage recipe roundup from The Kitchn and then head to Sun Sprout for the star ingredient. The apple cabbage salad with brown sugar cider vinaigrette is even good enough for Thanksgiving!

Another cold weather crop...brussel sprouts. Morgiewicz will have some. Try roasting them with honey and white balsamic from Arlotta Food Studio. While you're there, grab a bottle of red wine vinegar and try this recipe from Joshua McFadden, the chef who started the raw kale salad craze.

Bundle up's going to be CHILLY!

See you at the market!